About “Another Plug”

I’m not a very imaginative soul. I can write, for better or worse, but when it comes to imagination, I struggle. I’ve attempted to write fiction several times, and every time my stories ended up half-written and/or lost to time.

So I blog. I enjoy writing, and the Internet gives me the medium to write, so I do. I’ve covered a bit of my angle in the “About me” page, but basically I’ll be looking to write my opinion on videogames and whatever else I feel like writing about. It’ll almost always be opinion, because that’s all I have, but I just want to make it “raw”… and honest.

The name “Another Plug”? It comes from a song by one of my favourite bands – The Mad Capsule Markets (a Japanese… noise/rock/punk band). In fact, my twitter/Xbox/PSN/pretty-much-everything handle is “MadCapsules” for the same reason – hey, I wasn’t lying when I said I wasn’t very imaginative! I simply thought the title “Another Plug” would suit because most of what I post will be plugging something in some way, I expect. Plus the song isn’t too bad if you can find it.


A lot of what I write will fit under the very broad banner of “Impressions”. This is where I’ll be posting my thoughts about something that I may or may not be prepared to call a “review”, likely due to detail or the amount of exposure I’ve had to… whatever it is I’m writing about.


If I get a chance to try something before it’s released, or if I write a list of things I’m looking forward (but haven’t yet tried), it’ll be posted under the “Previews” banner. Subject to chance, take with a grain of salt, blah blah blah.


I’ve chosen not to give an numbered score to my reviews, for the simple fact that they are somewhat arbitrary and misleading. Sure, I can define what makes a title worth a “7” for example, and that can have some meaning, but my issue is that my personal feelings in regard to one “7” versus another “7” may vary greatly – not to mention the fact that my “7” and another site’s “7” mean very different things themselves. This is a big problem. In fact, a much larger problem is that readers have made up their own mind as to what a numbering system means, so they may well misinterpret my score. Thus, I’d prefer people read the review and make up their mind based on the information provided in said review. We skim too much these days. Take the time to read. … or don’t. Plenty of other sites have scores, if you want them.